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world bicycle tour

We - Ben and Linda - are going to discover the world by bicycle. XPLORid! On Monday June 15 2020 we started our world tour for 7 years. From Maastricht we cycle to the east, crossing Turkey, Iran, China and Mongolia. Then to the south, visiting India, Indonesia and Australia. After that, we will head towards Japan, Canada and the US. Through Central America, we will cycle all the way down to Patagonia. Finally, we will ride through Africa and back to Europe. 


In total 100,000 km! Here you can have a look at the entire route we’ve planned.

XPLORid is a blog with our personal travel stories. We travel the world by bike without getting on any airplane. We usually spend the night in our tent and ask locals if we can pitch it in their garden, garage or shed. By traveling in this way, we meet a lot of people, we are introduced to many cultures and we learn a lot from the country and the environment where we cycle. Besides this social aspect we also support nature conservation projects. We want to inspire you to travel só close to nature and culture as we do. We introduce you to the people we meet and describe their living situation. We also write about the conservation projects which we visit during our world tour.


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what we do

We show you the wonders of the world and generosity of human kind. 

  • We write about our personal travel stories;

  • We make short videos of our adventures;

  • We photograph nature, locals and culture;

  • We describe different cycling infrastructures and cultures.

We collect 1 euro for each kilometer we cycle. That equals € 100,000 for our aid projects. Would you like to support us in this goal? This can be done very easy and safe by making a donation through Geef.

We help people we meet, when needed, in any kind of way. Not by giving money, but by buying the things they need. Besides this we support nature conservation projects which we visit during our world tour. We share this ambition by writing stories and taking photos and videos.





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