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100,000 kms in 7 years

green and social

for people and nature

world bicycle tour

We are Ben and Linda discovering the world by bicycle. XPLORid! On June 15 2020 we started our 7 years' world tour. From Maastricht our journey goes to the east, crossing Turkey, Iran, China and Mongolia. Then to the south, visiting India, Indonesia and Australia. After that, we will head towards Japan, Canada and the US. Through Central America, we will cycle to Patagonia. Finally, we will ride through Africa back to Europe. 

In total 100,000 km!

We want to travel as green as possible. 

We look for a sailboat when we have to cross an ocean.

Here you can have a look at the route we’ve planned.


At the end of 2020 we reached Alexandroupoli in Greece, 15 km from the Turkish border. In 2021, due to Covid, we will first cycle from Greece to the North Cape. Next we will cycle to the Netherlands for a short visit to family and friends. In 2022, when the borders re-open (hopefully), we continue our journey further East.  

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XPLORid is a blog with our travel stories.


Every day is a new adventure. We cycle about 60 km a day and never know where we will stop for the night. We look for a suitable place. A church, chapel or cemetery. We ask locals if we can sleep in their garden, garage or shed. We sleep in our tent or under a mosquito net on a mattress.

We meet a lot of people through this way of traveling. We get to know their culture, country and environment.


We give local and direct help to people in need and nature conservation projects. We want to inspire you to travel close to nature and culture as well. We introduce you to the people we help and describe their living situation. We also make reports on the nature projects we visit.

Sustainability is important to us. Fortunately, this topic is on the agenda more often and the awareness is growing to integrate more green into our daily lives. During our tour we describe how other countries and people handle sustainability.


We raise funds: 1 euro for each kilometer we cycle. This equals € 100,000 for charity and nature. Would you like to support us? This can be done here by donating directly or through Geef (Give).

We give direct and local help to people in need. Not by giving money, but by buying the things they need. Besides this we directly support local nature conservation projects. We share this ambition by writing stories and taking photos and videos.

World Bicycle Tour




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