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World tour on bicycle

100,000 km in 7 years

for people and planet

We, Ben and Linda, are exploring the world together. XPLORid!

We left the Netherlands on June 15 2020. We will cycle through more than 80 countries. We cross oceans with a (sailing)boat or freighter.

We give direct and local aid to people. We also support nature (conservation)projects.

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Every day is a new adventure. We cycle about 60 km and never know where we will stop for the night. We like to discover other cultures. That's why we knock on people’s doors at the end of the day to ask for a place to stay. In this way we meet a lot of different people.


We are often invited to stay in a guest room. If there’s no place to stay indoors, we camp in the garden. In remote areas we also sleep in our tent. In good weather we only use our mattress and a mosquito net.


Jobs fill your pocket, but

adventures fill your soul


In addition to exploring the world, we are on an inner journey of discovery. We choose experience over possession. Through our way of life, we inspire others. Twice a week there is an update on Facebook and Instagram. Every month we blog about our tour. We also describe our aid projects.

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€1 for each kilometer


We cannot help people in need and support nature (conservation) projects all by ourselves. We are looking for support.


For each kilometer we cycle, we raise € 1.


Your donation allows us to give local and direct help. Not by giving money, but by buying the things people need.


More information about our aid projects and how to donate can be found here.

The aid projects we’ve completed so far can be found here.

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