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XPLORid - Cycling Nomads | This is living | Panama City | Panama Canal

cycling nomads

We are Ben and Linda, cycling nomads.

less possessions, more freedom

We consciously choose a different life: less possessions and more freedom. Since June 15 2020 we are nomads and house and pet sitters. We travel by bicycle or preferably by public transportation.


Pay it forward

To do something in return for all the hospitality we receive, we give direct and local help to people and animals.

We also support nature projects.

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XPLORid - Cycling Nomads - Pan American HighWay Panama

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At the end of the day we turn to people for a place to sleep. It's fascinating that complete strangers want to host us. We experience that there are many helpful, generous and kind souls. That gives us and the people we meet a very good feeling. In all the countries we have cycled so far, most of the times we were welcome to stay.


experiences bring happiness


We choose experience over possession. In addition to discovering beautiful places, the daily encounters are very special. Not only for us, but also for those we inspire.


We often hear that our way of life is a source of inspiration. To reach more people, we describe our adventure and aid projects.

There's a weekly travel report on Facebook and Instagram.

And a monthly blog about our journey and aid projects.

XPLORid - Cycling Nomads | House and pet sitting | Curaçao

pay it forward


For each kilometer we cycle, we raise € 1.

If you enjoy following our adventure, please make a donation to our foundation or buy one of our postcards on Patreon or Gofundme.

Your donation allows us to buy the things which are needed.

In this way we can give direct and local help to people, animals and nature projects. 


More information about our aid projects and how to donate can be found here.

These are the aid projects we’ve completed so far.

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  • Instagram
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  • Scherm­afbeelding 2023-04-24 om 21.46.11
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XPLORid - Cycling Nomads | House and Pet Sitting | Curaçao


Cycling Nomads | Bicycle tour | Pay it Forward

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