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The meaning of XPLORid

Xplore: discovering the world

People & planet: direct and local help to people and planet

Low budget: cycling and camping

Outdoor: being outdoors 24/7

Round trip: across the whole world

idworx: the brand of our indestructible bicycles



Xid (“exit”) refers to saying goodbye to our comfortable life. We no longer have our own house, bed and bathroom. Dinner is made on a petrol burner. As cycling nomads it's every day a surprise where we end up and we slip back to three basic needs: eating, drinking and sleeping.



I love living a meaningfull life, freedom, nature and sports.

I am adventurous and enjoy discovering new things.

I love the sun, the beach and the sea. I like to watch the (falling) stars and the full moon. 

I like to sing (in the shower). I know a lot of lyrics by heart. I'd rather go to a concert of Coldplay than to a festival. 

I am what they call a hard worker and I love the motto "a deal's a deal". After working 12 years in sales, I was looking for less commerce and more meaning.

Giving massages is my specialty. I really enjoy getting one as well. 


I focus on sponsor requests, press and social media. 


I am calm, self-conscious, (un)patient, sweet, passionate, sporty, witty, adventurous, quirky, enthusiastic, honest, reliable, persistent, tireless, forgetful, slow, naive and not very structured.


I have an allergy for the words "you must". I choose my own way, and I'm authentic and independent.


I love freedom, sports (swimming and cycling), traveling, salsa dancing, exciting stories, John Irving, Quintin Tarantino. But most of all I love Linda.


I like white sheets and black coffee. I prefer being in nature and not in a crowded city. I love café De Pieter, swimming pool Jekerdal and my three beautiful daughters.


I love challenges, single malt Scottish peat whiskey, dark chocolate, good food, cooking and of course my mother's apple pie and chicken soup.

I focus on navigation and bicycle maintenance.


World by bike | World bicycle tour | Cycling around the world

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