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Cycling Nomads | XPLORid | Maastricht the Netherlands

House and pet sitting


Besides cycling we house and pet sit in exchange for accommodation.

We like this combination and it's a way to have a break from our daily cycling routine.

In Mexico we had our first pet sit. After very good experiences with plenty of house and pet sits in Central America and Curaçao we continue our life as cycling nomads and house and pet sitters in Europe. We don't exclude other countries if there's an opportunity to sit abroad.

Are you looking for someone to house and or pet sit? We are here to help! Please contact usWe would love to get to know you in a video call.


The meaning of XPLORid

Xplore: discovering the world

People, Pets & Planet: help to people, animals and planet, pet sitting

Low carbon: cycling and public transport

Outdoor: being outdoors 24/7

Reconnect: nature and local communities

idworx: the brand of our indestructible bicycles



Xid (“exit”) refers to leaving behind our possessions. No house, kitchen, bed and bathroom of our own. As cycling nomads it's every day a surprise where we end up and we slip back to three basic needs: eating, drinking and sleeping.



A meaningfull life, freedom, nature and sports.

I am adventurous and enjoy discovering new things.

I like to sing (in the shower) and know a lot of lyrics by heart.

Rather a concert of Coldplay instead of a festival. 

I am a go-getter and I love the motto "a deal's a deal". I see a future in a world where we no longer strive for economic growth, but for ecological stability. My old life in sales and commerce does not fit into this picture. The contrast is far too great. In addition to my commitment to Stichting XPLORid, I hope to contribute to an organization that suits me. I'm still searching to find what I am looking for.

I focus on sponsor requests, press and social media. 


I am calm, (un)patient, sporty, adventurous, enthusiastic, honest, reliable, persistent, tireless, forgetful, slow, naive and not very structured.


I have an allergy for the words "you must". I choose my own way, and I'm independent.


I love freedom, sports (swimming and cycling), traveling, salsa, exciting stories, John Irving, Quintin Tarantino. 


I like white sheets and black coffee. I prefer being in nature and not in a crowded city. I love café De Pieter and swimming pool Jekerdal.


I love challenges, good food and of course my mother's apple pie and chicken soup.

I focus on navigation and bicycle maintenance.


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