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Every day is a new adventure.

At the end of the day we turn to people for a place to stay. 


To do something in return for all the hospitality we receive, we give direct and local help to people and animals. We also support nature projects. For this we raise € 1 for every kilometer we cycle. Would you like to support us with a donation?


All aid projects are published in a blog and then listed on the “XPLORaid” page. 

Stichting XPLORid 

Bankaccount (IBAN) nr: NL81 INGB 0008 4433 82

Bank name: ING Bank NV - INGBNL2A (BIC)

Street: Sprinkstraat 43

Postal code: 6269 AM

City: Margraten

Phone number: +31612087765

Country: Netherlands



Donating directly is free of charge.

GoFundMe charges a higher fee compared to Paypal.



On Patreon and Gofundme you can buy our postcards. We gave these cards as a thank you to the people who hosted us. All of the sale revenues will go to our foundation Stichting XPLORid.




So far collected:

€ 21,550

So far spent:

€ 10,230

Curious about our aid projects?


After a day of cycling we knock on people's doors to ask for a place to stay. Everywhere we're welcomed very warmly. The hospitality we experience is unprecedented. That’s why we would like to give something in return.


When we meet people or animals in need, we locally buy what they need. In addition, we directly support nature projects.



Our goal is to help people, animals and nature. Not by giving money, but by buying locally what is needed.


Our Foundation XPLORid has been established for a transparent proces and accountability of the donations and spendings. 

Through our projects page and annual reports we will keep you informed about the way we spend your donation.


PBO status

XPLORid Foundation is a registered charity as a "Stichting" in the Netherlands. Our foundation has a PBO status. This means that the foundation is a public benefit organization. The advantage for you as a donor is that you can deduct your donation from the Dutch income or corporation tax.

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