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A dog's life in Bulgaria

Dogs. Man's best friend. Their loyalty, intelligence, dedication and affection are indescribable. Nothing beats a walk with this four-legged friend. Studies have shown that having a dog makes you healthier and happier.

Dogs in the Netherlands usually have a good life: sleeping inside, having toys and being petted. What about Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria most dogs serve as a guard dog. They are tied to a short belt or chain. When the dog is lucky it can take shelter in a doghouse. When we pass by, they bark and we can only hope they get enough food and water. Even though they are outside, they still deserve the necessary care and attention. Unfortunately, they are often neglected and abused.

Helen's House of Hope

We visit Helen's House of Hope in Sirakovo. A dog sanctuary for abused dogs. The video of our visit is on our Youtube-channel.

All dogs have their own history and misery. A sad story of one of the dogs that affects us: he can only walk in circles because he was tied to a tree his entire life.

A huge task with 4 volunteers

Helen has a warm heart for every dog ​​she takes care of. Only when it feels right she puts a dog up for adoption. At the moment there are 48 dogs in the shelter. It’s quite a job to take care of them. By working overtime she manages it with the help of 2 volunteers. She is eagerly looking for 2 more volunteers and a cleaner. That’s hard at the moment: due to the Covid restrictions, it’s difficult to travel to Bulgaria.


Through our foundation we help Helen's House of Hope by paying for a vet’s bill. Two dogs got spayed and 3 neutered. The biggest problem is overpopulation. Aisha, Charlotte, Dingo, Tom and Chuck no longer contribute to this problem. Adoption and fostering are great initiatives, but they cannot keep up with the ever growing number.

Do you want to help Helen as a volunteer? Or are you thinking about adopting a dog? Contact Helen through her website:

She is also on Facebook and Instagram.


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