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Aid Project: Canada - Environmental education year round

The children are our future. Environmental awareness from an early age is a powerful tool to generate a change and address the climate crisis. The best way to get aware of our environment is to be in it. Outside!

While we cycled from the east to the west of Canada we contacted several organizations to see if we have likeminded ideas about helping people in need and preserving nature. The Meadow Montessori School in Vancouver has shared goals of environmental awareness.

We paid them a visit to meet the students and the teachers. They’ve had been reading, watching and talking about our world bicycle tour. We were all thrilled to meet each other. The children gathered a lot of questions. During the meeting we answered them all and we also had a question for them.

“Do you want to go on such a world bicycle tour too?"

A lot of them said: “Yes, I do”. That put a big smile on our faces.

The weather doesn’t always allow you to go outside, especially not in the wet west parts of Canada. The rainy season is tremendous over there. To support the children we donated a 10 x 20 foot shelter for the environmental education program. The shelter will serve as an outdoor classroom, allowing them to continue nature studies comfortably in sun and rain.

The shelter being used as an outdoor classroom.

Students in “the field” with their outdoor classroom in the background as a learning center.


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