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Aid project: Guatemala - Escuela Blanche Dael

We like to end 2021 with a blog about something nice and sweet from Maastricht. Freshly roasted coffee and peanuts. That brings us joy and happiness!

We used to go to the Wolfstraat, now we don't have to cycle far to get them. The new Blanche Dael coffee roaster on the old Sphinx site is our neighbor. It’s an absolute pleasure to smell the freshly roasted coffee outside.

Coffee and tea blogs

Not only do we like to drink coffee, we also blog about it. During our world tour we write about the coffee and tea culture of the countries we cycle through. The first 5 coffee blogs are on our website. We also visit coffee and tea plantations along the way. Blanche Dael gives us the contact information.

Tablet project virtual education

Mid-September there was a call for help about the “tablet project virtual education” in Blanche Dael's newsletter. Children of the Escuela Blanche Dael school in Guatemala are not allowed to go to school due to Covid-19. And when children can't go to school in Guatemala, they go to work. Of course we want to prevent that.

The teachers developed lessons which the children can attend on a tablet. Blanche Dael donated the first 20 tablets and her partners sponsored 24 tablets. There are 130 children at the Escuela Blanche Dael school in Guatemala.

Our contribution

Foundation XPLORid donated 4 tablets. In this way we are now digitally paying a small visit to the future coffee farmers in Guatemala. Because Blanche Dael operates on a small scale, every euro is put to good use.

A fair price for coffee farmers

In 2009 the Escuela Blanche Dael foundation was established. The aim is to increase opportunities for children in coffee-producing countries, especially Guatemala. The foundation invests in educational projects and scholarships.

Since 2017, Blanche Dael has been providing scholarships at the Las Flores coffee school in Guatemala to 5 children to become a coffee farmer. In this way, the quality of coffee is guaranteed in the future and local coffee farmers receive a fair price for their coffee.

Also fancy a nice cup of coffee?

The new coffee roaster is running at full speed. The old Sphinx site has a new beautiful meeting place for coffee and tea lovers. In addition to a tour of the roastery, you can enjoy coffee at the cafe and afterwards you can buy something nice and sweet in the shop.

The financing of the foundation takes place, among others, by investing 5% of the profit of Blanche Dael.

Do you want to sponsor Escuela Blanche Dael as a business person? Please contact Do you want to contribute as a customer? You can do this by donating € 2.50 when ordering online or by transferring a donation to NL 86 INGB 0007 0394 11 in the name of Escuela Blanche Dael Foundation.

Our XPLORid Foundation is still looking for donations too. In April 2022 we will continue our world bicycle tour. We have covered 20,632 km so far. We collect €1 for every km we cycle. So far we have collected €14,833. You can transfer a donation to NL 81 INGB 0008 4433 82 in the name of XPLORid Foundation. The BIC is INGBNL2A.

Happy holidays! Cheers to a healthy and happy 2022.
Thank you for your support.


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