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Changing direction!

We left our jobs nearly 4 years ago and have been cycling the world as nomads ever since. After our departure in the Netherlands, 3.5 years and 38,000 km later, we are in Panama. That’s where we decided we will change direction mid 2024.

In the beginning of our journey we planned to go East. Due to Covid regulations in Iran and the Stans we did a Europe round tour instead. We cycled to the southern most point of the European mainland in Greece in October 2020. After reaching Nordkapp in Norway on July 4 in 2021 we started heading back “home” for a winter break.

By ocean liner to New York

On March 2022 it still wasn’t clear whether heading to Iran and further East would be a good idea. We decided to continue our world tour in North-America.

After almost 38,000 km on our bicycle we are in Panama at the moment. Since May 2023 we have been suffering from the heat and extremely high humidity in Central America. We cycled less and took on a number of pet sitting gigs.

We won’t go to South America

In Panama we mainly cycled on the highway. In Colombia going South we would also have to rely on the Pan American. We are too heavily loaded to go off-road through the mountains. Therefore, we have decided not to travel to South America.

Starting July 2024 we will be cycling nomads in Europe.

We are also available for pet sitting gigs. So far we have had great experiences pet sitting several places in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. And we are fully booked until July 2024.

Do you have a pet and are you planning to go on a vacation without your dog, cat or other animal? We would love take care of your beloved pet in your house.

This is not the end

The return to Europe is certainly not the end of our cycling adventure. In 2017 we’ve consciously started a different life. We’ve chosen for:

less money and more freedom.

Foundation XPLORid continues

Our commitment to the XPLORid Foundation remains unchanged. There are plenty of places in Europe as well where we can provide direct and local help. We hope you want to keep on supporting our foundation to help people in need and support nature conservation projects. Making a donation can be done here.

Goal in 2024

Our goal for the second part of next year is to start figuring out what it takes to live a cycling nomad life in Europe. We hope to find some fixed (long term) pet sitting gigs spread over the year.

On personal level Ben started practicing playing guitar. Linda is expanding her sustainable mission. We hope to keep on inspiring you.

Have a wonderful celebration month and
a happy and healthy 2024


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Matthew Weinstein
Matthew Weinstein
23 Ara 2023

Happy New Year to our dear friends. Hoping the New Year brings you wonderful surprises and some great biking. Peace on!

Stacey & Matt - Brooklyn NY ♥️

26 Ara 2023
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Happy holidays and a healthy and happy new year to you too. ❤️ Thank you for the best wishes. All the best to you in Brooklyn. 🐶

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