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We've been in the United States since more than 1 month now. Using our Dutch Sim card costs a lot of money. That’s why we started searching for another solution to stay in touch.

We don’t have any subscriptions. Our phones have a Dutch prepaid SIM card which we use as little as possible. We are completely dependent on WiFi for our data connection. We usually have an opportunity to connect to the World Wide Web during the day or at the end of the day. A McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts or even a supermarket, they all offer WiFi these days.

If it doesn't work out, we skip a day.

That was the approach from the beginning of our tour.

However, on a number of occasions we have been in dire need of WiFi in remote areas. In the near future we will cycle more and more in sparsely populated and remote areas. That’s why we started looking for a way to stay connected. We now have GlocalMe’s Mini Turbo router.


This is a small, lightweight, pocket-sized WiFi router. GlocalMe sells data for this router. All data is prepaid. In this way we keep our costs under control. The Mini Turbo is SIM-free. You can also use a data card from a different provider.

A nice backup

We tested the Mini Turbo along the coast in Maine in the US. The device is easy to operate and works smoothly. In the woods and on the beach: no problem to get connected.

This test area was not yet very remote. We are curious what it will be like when we are further away from civilization.

According to GlocalMe, the router works in more than 140 countries worldwide. We are very happy with this little gadget. It offers us the necessary backup in case of an emergency. Of course, we will continue to use fixed WiFi networks as much as possible. In this way we save the GBs on our data card to keep our costs low.



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