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March 2019 - One year before take off

Our departure from the Netherlands will be in spring 2020.

Still one year to go.

A lot of preparations

It is great to be busy with all preparations. A lot has to be done. Consult with real estate agent for the rental of our apartment. Buying a garage box for storage. Consultation with tax authorities, municipality, banks, insurers. Contact with embassies regarding visa requirements.

Sponsors and donors

Recruit potential sponsors and donors. Founding of the XPLORid Foundation. Creating this website.


Purchasing and testing of our equipment - in March we used the tent, sleeping bags and mats in the snow in Lapland.

Survival training

Learn how to use a map and compass, make fire with a firesteel, build an emergency shelter. Purify water and put on a tourniquet.


Planning the train trip to Cherbourg and ferry to Ireland for the final test in August.

In May we will test two different Idworx bikes, then we definitely decide for the drive system, Rohloff or Pinion.


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