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East-Balkan part 2

We cherish our memories of Romania. Many villages with colorful houses. Some are beautifully decorated with mosaics. Adding the diversity in fences you are in a wonderland of color combinations.

Moreover the food is really good and the people are very friendly. We get a lot of thumbs up from drivers passing by or they're honking at us. One sweet woman offered us some pastries on the side of the road. While handing them over she said:

"Welcome to Romania”

On the next day a man in a little van even gave us 10 lei (€ 2) each.

Another plus of Romania compared to Bulgaria is the language. Even though we don't speak Romanian, the alphabet is similar to ours and some words seem to be very similar to French.

A good cappuccino is hard to find though. Beware if you order it; you might get an instant one. The Rompetrol gas stations are our safe havens: good cappuccino, delicious croissants and clean toilets.

Giving back

We visit the WWF’S WeWilder bison project in Armenis and stay in one of their eco-local houses. Soon we will share this aid project with you.

Sibiu and Sighișoara

Besides the many colorful houses in the small villages we enjoyed visiting Sibiu: the city of eyes. The houses with the "eyes" are one of a kind.

"Liars bridge", Potters Tower and Journeyman's House.

Sighisoara is the most beautiful and best preserved medieval city in Europe. One of the few fortified towns that is still inhabited. The atmosphere is magical and a bit spooky since it is Vlad Dracula's birthplace.

Monastery of Voronet and Moldovita

The frescoes on the inner and even outer side of these monasteries are amazing. The intense shade of blue makes them fairytale like.


You can encounter many storks in Romania from the end of March to mid-August. Especially in the Saxon villages of Transilvania, in Szekelyland and in Maramures. This reminds us of Baba Marta in Bulgaria. Celebrating new life and the beginning of Spring. With Baba Marta everyone wishes each other good health and everything is decorated in red and white, symbolizing male and female intertwined. When you encounter a stork or swallow, you should place the bracelet (Martenitsa) under a stone or tie it to a tree with flowers in bloom.

Happy Spring everyone!


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