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Frontpage newspaper De Limburger

On Saturday December 7 2019 we hit newspaper De Limburger. Not only with an article of no less than 3 pages in the Saturday supplement De Horizon. But also with a photo on the frontpage. That was a surprise.

In May 2019 we called De Limburger to inform them about our plans. Soon we received the number from journalist Joos Philippens. After some e-mails in June, he was sitting on our couch in the living room on July 10 to do an interview.

We would have liked to have the article posted at that time, but the PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) status of the foundation was not yet acknowledged at that time.

In total we had to wait 5 months until we could spread the word. The results are impressive!!! It has become a very nice article.

We have received many lovely comments on the article. Our awareness is growing. If you want to help us to increase our brand awareness, share the link from this blog.

This is the link to the text of the article. As a result of this article the regional radio station L1 asked us to do an interview. Read about it in this blog.


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