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Hello Ontario

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

When we cross the Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge to Ottawa we enter the 3rd province of Canada: Ontario. We leave our two little Quebec flags with a little note at a sign of the Trans Canada Trail. Ready for the next adventure.

The capitol of Canada

Ottawa is a green city with lots of parks and cycling paths in and around it. The Ottawa River Parkway trail takes us out of the city, along the lake and through some woods. It’s green and has a lot of variety. We enjoy watching chipmunks and squirrels crossing the trail. Blackbirds with red stripes on the feathers and Cardinals flying by.

Lake Ontario

To get to Kingston we follow The Cataraqui trail. Although this is a rails-to-trails lineair route, it’s very versatile: gravel, hard soil and grass paths through farmland, woods, lakes and marshland. Without any car. We’re having a great time.

Berry picking

As we are cycling along Lake Ontario, one of the five great lakes of North America, someone shouts “Do you like to taste some berries?” It’s Zach from Berries by the Bay who is just about to close the farm shop at the end of the day.

We may taste some Saskatoon and Haskap berries and get a small tour on the berries farm. Zach tells us he has just started selling the Saskatoon and Haskap berries. Sales are sky high, so we lend a hand. We pick and taste an entire morning until the stock is replenished. It's fun and tasty!


We’re on The Waterfront Trail leading us along Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. We notice the skyline of Toronto emerging. Once we get to the other side of the big city we have another pretty view of the skyscrapers and the CN Tower. Green city life by the lake. The prettiest city location we’ve seen so far.

Just like the ocean

On a windy day we’re passing some “beaches” on the lake. The wind turns Lake Ontario into an ocean. Beautiful waves made by nature's force.

Niagara Falls

Lake Erie is connected with Lake Ontario. The rushing water carved out a river in its descent and at one point passed over a steep cliff like formation: the Niagara escarpment.

We love the Niagara Falls! They don’t look very high, but they are very wide. We bike, walk and make photos. We could watch these falls for hours. It’s so pretty. The sun and the water spray create a rainbow, which makes it even more special. The different colors of the water. The point where all the water drops down with enormous force. Nature in its glory.

Local newspaper

Sometimes people make some phone calls to get us featured in the newspaper. We appreciate this a lot because it helps us spread the word about our journey. AND it is always fun to tell new people about our trip around the world.

This article was published in the Orono Weekly Times in Ajax (Ontario). Thank you Kim and Ted for contacting the local newspaper.


We've cycled tubeless 20,000 kilometers so far.

Although it takes a lot of time to clean the tire, after fixing a broken sealer tape, we are really fond of our Schwalbe tubeless tires. This repair is nothing compared to all the days we’ve cycled without having to worry about flats.

The tires are ready again to continue our route through Canada.



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