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L1 radio

Immediately after we hit newspaper De Limburger with an article, local radio and tv station L1 called us. Whether we would be interested in an interview? Of course we are!

Three days later, a cameraman and 2 reporters of L1 were standing in our living room: Rian Moonen from L1 radio and Esther Raats from L1 TV.

They wanted to interview us in the living room and outside. Fortunately it was cycling weather that day: cold, dry and a little bit of sunshine. We were so lucky. The rest of the week it was raining non stop.

Next to our bikes, we displayed the entire contents of our bags on the floor of our living room. In this way we could show ​​all the things you need on such a journey.

The radio interview was broadcasted the same day. You can listen to it through this link.

We answered the following questions:

How do you prepare yourself?

Did this start with a tour in the Netherlands?

What do you need for such a trip?

What are the most crucial things that you take with you and should not forget?

To what extent is it “go with the flow” and to what extent is it planned?

Are you planning to come home during your world tour?

Which countries are you going to visit?

How are you going to take all your luggage with you?

Is there anything you are still worried about?

What is the purpose of this trip?

What kind of help will you offer along the way?

How do you finance this trip?

How can people support you and donate to your foundation?

The tv broadcast can be seen here.


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