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Let us take you to Zakynthos

We are invited to have a visit at Sekania: one of the most important nesting turtle beaches world wide, bought and protected by WWF Greece and an absolutely protected area of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. The video of this visit is on our Youtube channel;

Millions of tourists visit Zakynthos every year. This year, due to Corona, there are a lot less tourists. It allowed the turtles to lay more eggs with less disturbance. Unfortunately, storm Ianos destroyed many nests in September.

Credits: Andrea Bonetti - WWF Greece

In addition to the nuisance of tourists, the turtles on Zakynthos are threatened by ecosystem’s and nesting habitat’s degradation, coastal constructions, seagulls and other predators, erosion and forest fires. Only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings actually make it to adulthood: they are very vulnerable.

WWF Greece bought a piece of land, Sekania, in 1994. In this way it is a protected and prohibited area for tourists and commercial activities. In collaboration with the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and other local NGO’s they protect the turtles' natural habitat.

Every day, during the nesting period, a WWF Greece’s guard is at Sekania to identify these threats. A tough and lonely job. We admire them for this hard work.

Credits: Joakim Odelberg - WWF Greece

A forest fire is very dangerous because there are many trees in Zakynthos. A fire would cause even more erosion. Erosion causes sediments covering the sand, degradating the sandy nesting areas and preventing baby turtles to leave their nest. Trenches and small scale anti erosion works are excavated on Sekania to move the sediment. When the trenches are full, the WWF Greece empty the trenches with a shovel. Fortunately volunteers are here to help them.

We thank WWF Greece, the team of Sekania Project and all the volunteers for doing such a great job in maintaining this paradise for the turtles.

Together with WWF Greece we are still thinking of a way to support the Sekania Project through our foundation. To be continued…

Can't wait? You can help the Sekania Project directly by adopting a turtle.

Credits: Joakim Odelberg - WWF Greece

Credits: Joakim Odelberg - WWF Greece


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