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Los Angeles to San Diego

We had the best time with the family of friends in Sonoma and San Luis Obispo. Visiting Yosemite and our first Thanksgiving ever. After saying goodbye we continue our journey to the south. Next crossing will be the Mexican border.

Special homestays

On our way to LA we are fortunate to have some more homestays. Every homestay is unique in its own way. Our stay at a pastor in Guadalupe and a rabbi in Goleta were very special.

We also want to knock on a door in Malibu.

Malibu is known for its million dollar homes and celebrities.

We meet Josiah at our first attempt. Initially he says we can’t stay, but then he whistles to us to come back. He says: “I am leaving the house, but this doesn’t mean you can’t stay.” We are having the house for ourselves for one night. Just the two of us. That’s nice once in a while. His grandparent’s bought this house in 1954 and kept it in the family.

The next day we receive a WhatsApp message from Josiah:

I am so glad you stayed! I told my family and shared your website with them. Everyone agreed that this was a perfect match with the spirit of the house and my grandparents. We are all wishing you safe and happy travels, and I will follow your progress!

We enjoy the ocean view from the terras and get to see 4 dolphins. This is amazing! The house even has its own beach access. So we go for a walk on the beach.

Los Angeles

We cycle all the way up to the Hollywood sign at LastHouse.LA. Glad to do this without our panniers because it’s a hell of a climb. To stay in the celebrity style we also visit the Walk of Fame, cycle through Rodeo Drive and Melrose. It is known for its exclusive shops and streetart.

"I'll be back"

On Santa Monica Pier we spot the sign “the end of Route 66”. Would it not be nice to make a photo again in a few years when we will cross country USA and actually follow this scenic highway?

Venice beach and the Venice canals are very pretty. This doesn’t feel like the big city life at all. Colourful boutiques, beautiful houses, a huge beach with many life guard towers and many more volleyball nets, canals and boats. This is beach life!

San Diego

In San Diego Hannah and Allard welcome us. We are staying with them for a couple of days to prepare ourselves for entering Mexico. A new country with a totally different culture is awaiting us.

This is the video of our tour along the entire west coast of the US.

We like to finish this blog with the words from the rabbi’s sermon.

I would like to share with you an extraordinary experience that Marian and I had this week, a real life story of stepping out of our comfort zone to encounter other people, and healing the world.

Last Sunday, Marian called me to say that two people we had never met before had come to our door.They were a couple, a man and woman from The Netherlands, who are riding their bicycles around the world. Every day at around 3:00 pm, after riding all day, they begin to look for a house that looks like it might be welcoming. And they knock on the door and ask if they can stay the night!

Marian called me to say that they had knocked on our door and how did I feel about saying yes? They had stopped early because of the rain and were pretty bedraggled. It took me a minute to understand the question; it was so unusual! But I asked, “do you have a good feeling about them?” and she said “yes, definitely.” So I said “then yes!”

Marian swung into action cooking up a great dinner with new vegetables form the farmer’s market, and we talked and talked for several hours, about our families, religion, politics and some of the people they have met on their ride. We all went to bed and then talked some more over breakfast. Then we took a few pictures, and off they went, continuing on their seven-year bike ride around the world.

Before they left, I said “I consider what you are doing one of the most profound contributions to creating a better world I have ever witnessed.” At which they smiled and said, “people tell us that, but to us it seems normal.”

In my view, every day at 3pm when Ben and Linda knock on a new door and greet a completely new person or family with their smiles and their humble request of a bed for the night… they are repairing the world.


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