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Toeractief recently published a 4 pages’ story about our world bicycle trip in its magazine. It really looks amazing! During our world trip we will blog more often for Toeractief’s readers.

In this way we can reach more people and tell them about our adventure and charity projects.

Of course you can still read our more personal blog every month on our website. In addition to Toeractief, we also blog for Getaway Travel and we will make short video reports for BYCS.


Toeractief is a magazine for nature and culture lovers with unique walking and cycling routes in the Netherlands. The latest trends and gadgets in the field of walking and cycling are highlighted. With a print run of 35,000 this magazine appears 7 times a year. In addition, there are 2 specials annually. There's also a digital version on their website that attracts 18,000 visitors every month.

Our story has recently been included in the new section “Baanbrekers”. This section pays attention to special cycling and hiking goals. As soon as the 2nd issue of this year is out (March 21), we will share this story on our website.

Once every two months we blog about our experiences with practical tips on the website of Toeractief.

Getaway Travel

Getaway Travel is an online community of travelers who enjoy exploring the world and sharing travel experiences. The various travel websites (including,, Noord-, Midden- and and contain highlights and reviews, beautiful photos and videos, practical information, travel stories and columns.

Getaway is aware that all those long journeys are not sustainable. That is why they make a donation to Justdiggit for every review, photo series and video that travelers upload from their long journey. Justdiggit believes that the solution of global warming lies in fertilizing dry tracts of land by teaching the local population in those areas old water harvesting techniques.

Starting with Turkey, we will write an article about the country we cross for Getaway Travel. This article will be placed in a section on the column pages of the different continents.


BYCS is an Amsterdam-based social enterprise driven by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world. That requires the best ideas and the most determined action. BYCS believes it will lead to an improvement in health, happiness and prosperity for everyone.

A team of bicycle futurists, cultural programmers, communicators, connectors and campaign creators work internationally with businesses, governments and non-profits to initiate and scale breakthrough ideas around cycling. That’s why they are busy building a Bicycle Mayor network.

BYCS is driven by a clear and powerful mission. They call this 50by30: half of all city trips by bike by 2030. In everything BYCS does, they ask themselves: "where can the bicycle take us?" To support this mission, we make videos and photos of the cycling situation in the various cities we cross for BYCS, in order to offer a broader perspective for both their purposes and our own experience.

Keep an eye on this magazine, this online community and social organization and be the first to read / watch our story.



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