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New departure date

The time has finally come: our new departure date can be announced. We had to wait more than 2 months. A lot of uncertainty. Fortunately this has come to an end.

At the end of March we were very disappointed we couldn't leave. But we used this extra time into our advantage: we are very proud of the new look of our website. We can't wait to fill it with blogs about our adventures and aid projects. Especially now people can use our help and we also hope that more people would like to support us.

We were very lucky to stay at B&B le Rêve for 2 months. It's such a wonderful place and Karin and Frank are the best. The way they helped us can't be described! Thank you very much for letting us stay with you.

The right time

Fortunately, the bookings at le Rêve are increasing and hopefully all rooms will soon be full again. Countries are slowly opening their borders and easing the Corona measures.

In addition, our way of traveling carries little risk. We only move by bicycle and sleep in our own tent. So it is just the right time to leave.

Different route

The French border is still closed. Therefore we will skip France and Italy and cycle to the south through Germany and Austria. Hopefully the borders of Slovenia and Croatia will be open by the time we get there so we can continue cycling without any delay. In this way we hope to get to Greece before winter. After spending the winter there we then cycle along the Pamir highway towards China and Mongolia in the summer of 2021.

The last bits

We will soon deregister from the municipality of Maastricht. We close our foreign health insurance. We arrange a second passport. Then we can leave.

New departure date

Although hugs and shaking hands are not possible, we hope many people will wave us "safe travels".

We leave Monday June 15 at 11 am from the Vrijthof.

In this Corona age, a new large benefit safe travels event is unfortunately not possible. This would have been an important opportunity for us to raise money for our foundation. If you still want to support us, you can do so through this link.

Fortunately, we can organize something small for close family and friends. In this way our departure does not go completely unnoticed.



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