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New website and more

April has just ended. We would have been cycling for a month now. Maybe we had just arrived in Bella Italia. After delicious baguettes with fresh cheese in France, the smell of pizza would now surround us. However, the reality is different. Our world tour has been delayed, but that doesn't mean we're standing still.

We gave our website a new look. We saw Stoere Binken Design's message on LinkedIn offering a free session in web design. We immediately scheduled a virtual appointment online.

René Verkaart gave us good tips on how to improve the design of our website. The homepage is the most important page of a website. It should contain the most essential information. We made blocks with photos and text. In addition to the design we improved the search functions (SEO).

Have a look at our renewed website and join the adventure.

During our world tour, we make videos and photos of our journey and aid projects. We also make video content for Getaway Travel and Bycs. For all these videos and photos we made an intro and outro in iMovie. In addition, we have made some promotional videos. Visually everything is ready. Now we only have to wait for the license rights of the music.

To make beautiful photos and videos, we have a Panasonic camera and DJI Osmo pocket. We are improving our skills to use these gadgets.

We designed a postcard which we will give to the people who let us pitch our tent in their garden, garage or shed. It has a true Dutch kitsch design. On the back we will write a personal message for their hospitality. Thanks to Stoere Binken Design for the design and Bloemenkraam 't Pleintje for the beautiful tulips.

We restarted our Spanish lessons on Duolingo. Linda is now on 40,856 points, in the 5th league and on day 32 of her streak. Ben has 19,613 points, is in the 6th league and has been learning Spanish for 23 days.

We keep fit by doing a workout every morning and getting on our mountain bikes for a big trip every other day.

Fortunately we can stay at B&B Le Rêve in May as well. We enjoy the beautiful view, the farm animals and the peace.

If Corona didn't happen, we never would have improved our website. The postponement of our world tour also has its advantages. But we do hope we can leave in June.

Till now we have raised € 5,058 in donations for our aid projects. It's a good start, but there is still a long way to go. Would you like to support us with a few extra bicycle kilometers? You can make a donation through this link.


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