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Our logo is ready!

Our logo can be made public. Many thanks to René Verkaart of Design and advertising agency Stoere Binken Design in Maastricht, who took care of the design.

How it all started

At the end of April 2019 we emailed René about our world travel plans. He responded very enthusiastically: "What a great initiative. Loving eachother and passion for traveling the world. Anyone would be jealous of that 😉. I would like to support you. Not at a reduced rate, but for free of course."

We were thrilled about that! Soon we met at the modernly furnished studio of Stoere Binken at Statensingel 199 in Maastricht. That is very close to our apartment. It's a small world after all.

Together we discussed the ideas about our logo. René would work on it. From that moment on we were excited looking forward to it.

It is also special that the (although already completed) project of René's brother has many similarities with our world travel plans. See

Difficult choice

On Monday 3rd of June 2019 (World Cycling Day: what are the odds?). René emailed us his mood board with a dozen designs.

Ben and I sat together late that evening to choose one of them. We independently wrote down our preferences. After a good talk we were able to come up with 1 logo. Although the choice was difficult.

The day after we informed René about our choice. He also prefered this logo.

Nice to hear.

Our new logo

XPLORid stands for discovering the world (explore), saying goodbye to our comfortable life (exit) and it is a reference to our Idworx bikes.

In terms of design, we mainly looked at colours that are very visible, such as in road signs and the logos of some real estate agents. Our logo will be placed on the back of our cycling shirts. We want it to be as clear as possible. We wanted the blue color on the mood board to be darker. René adjusted this.

Exposure XPLORid

Now we have to wait again. The logo is at TD Sportswear to be printed on our cycling shirts. We will receive the shirts on Thursday 4th of July. Exciting!

We can't wait to wear them picking up our new Idworx world bikes at De Vakantiefietser in Amsterdam on Friday 5th of July. On Saturday, July 6, we will cycle from Amsterdam to Maastricht in 4 days wearing our XPLORid cycling shirts. We have already arranged all overnight places through friends and Warmshowers.

We can't wait to XPLORid.


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