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How do you prepare for a world tour? Now we have some experience in answering this question. We are ready to go! This Friday we are going to Ireland to test our bikes and all our equipment for 5 weeks.

With 2 front, 4 rear bags and a handlebar bag, everything fits just fine. Maybe we can leave some things at home after Ireland because we are heavily packed. Don't forget that we need to add some more kilo's when we fill our Hydrapak water bags.

Heavy items such as a tent, sleeping mat, emergency food package and a good lock can't be left at home. But what's the best way for packing?

We prefer to make a clothing, food and sleeping bag, but unfortunately that's impossible. The cooking pans and the mosquito pop-up dome of Care Plus fit best in the Duc-kit Pro dry bags but the food and toilet stuff need to stand upright. That can only be packed in the Arkel panniers. It's quite a puzzle. To find things, we have made a table of contents of each bag. We have them plasticized to make them waterproof.

It's really exciting to ride with fully loaded bikes for the first time. Fortunately we made a test drive to Blueprint Visuals to get used to the riding experience. We will definately need to adjust things a couple of times before everything is exactly right.

After Ireland we hope that the ANBI status of our foundation has been granted. Flyers and business cards are recently printed. We are really looking forward to boost our brand awareness!

P.S.: Advance notice! Mark Sunday 29 March in your agenda for our safe travels party.

The official invitation will be sent later.


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