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During our world tour we usually spend the night in our tent. Wild camping is often prohibited and isn't always safe, that's why we ask locals if we can pitch our tent in their garden, garage or shed. In this way we will meet many people living in different conditions.

Our goal is to help people we meet, when needed, in any kind of way. Not by giving money but by buying the things people need. For example groceries at the market. A goat, a sheep or a cow. Repairing a bike, fridge or roof. A visit to the doctor or dentist. Medicine, clothes, shoes. Helping to start a small business etc. etc. We collect 1 euro for every kilometer we cycle. Our goal is 100,000 euro.

Because cooperating is key regarding aid projects and to meet our PBO (Public Benefit Organization) requirement that 90% of the donations are spent on public benefit (see our blog of November 24), we contacted other aid organizations. Hippo Roller and World Bicycle Relief are 2 organizations with whom we hope to work together. For the time being they are mainly active in Africa, so the actual collaboration will have to wait a bit more. We expect to arrive in Africa around 2026. To create more awareness, we would like to describe these organizations.

One of the biggest problems in Africa is the distance to get water and to receive education and care.

People have to walk the entire day to get water for just 1 day and carry it back home. This day in, day out. The school is often too far away from home to attend school, which means that children cannot go to school. If you are sick and have to walk more than 4 hours to visit the doctor, you stay sick at home and you do not get the care you need.

World Bicycle Relief supplies bicycles to children (education), nurses (health care) and entrepreneurs (water etc.) to help people in Africa. To make the programs sustainable, the organisation also trains bike mechanics and sets up bike shops. The bike mechanics take care of the bikes and the necessary spare parts in the remote areas.

World Bicycle Relief was established in 2005 immediately after the Indian Ocean tsunami. In partnership with aid organizations in Sri Lanka, more than 24,000 bicycles were distributed to displaced survivors, providing access to education, healthcare, and livelihoods while reconnecting entire communities. Nearly 15 years later, more than 150 staff across 13 countries are changing lives with bikes. World Bicycle Relief is currently active in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana and Colombia.

With a donation of € 134 you can give someone in Africa a bicycle. Empowered with the tool of a bicycle people can get fresh drinking water, the necessary education and health care. As soon as we arrive in Africa by bicycle, we would like to start a World Bicycle project on site.

Check their short video introduction through this link.

In water-stressed communities Hippo Roller improves access to water with the hippo roller. A device used to carry 90L of water more easily and efficiently than traditional methods. This device unlocks time for education, economic prosperity and improved health. The hippo roller is made of a low maintenance sustainable design, lasting 5-7 years in tough rural conditions.

Hippo Roller is a successful 25-year social enterprise that has changed millions of lives in 48 countries. The bulk has gone to Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa. Hippo Roller is planning to scale up their distribution through establishment of local manufacturing partnerships in other countries / regions.

With a donation of approximately € 217,50 a hippo roller can be bought. Shipping and customs duties vary drastically from country to country.

Check their short video introduction through this link.

Or check their leaflet "A smarter way to get water".

Demarrage is our third partner. When we meet people who wish to start a courier company, we can put them in contact with Demarrage. Demarrage then examines whether it is possible to help these people with a bicycle(s) and carrier(s) to actually start a local courier company.

Demarrage was founded in 2004. At a time when sustainable business is high on the agenda, a bicycle courier is a wise choice in many respects. A simple way to do something good for the environment without compromising on service. Demarrage’s head office is located in Maastricht. There are also establishments in Eindhoven, Helmond, Venlo and Hasselt (start up).

All aid projects will be posted on the donation page of our website.

This way you can see exactly how we spend the donations to our foundation. All donations are used to help people living in poverty. We finance our bicycle trip around the world by ourselves.

As described earlier, our foundation has a PBO status. This means that the foundation is a public benefit organization. The advantage for you as a donor is that you can deduct your donation from income tax or corporation tax.

Do you like to support us with a donation?

You can transfer an amount to the bank account of:

Stichting XPLORid

(IBAN) NL81 INGB 0008 4433 82


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