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Test weekend: Rohloff or Pinion?

On Saturday the 4th of May we picked up the bikes in Amsterdam for the test weekend. De Vakantiefietser prepared for us an Idworx All Rohler with Rohloff hub and an Idworx BLT ti with Pinion hub. Unfortunately, the latest Idworx Rohler BLT wasn't available yet.

From Amsterdam we cycled along De Vecht to Utrecht. A beautiful route of 57.3 km. In Utrecht we could spend the night at our friends' place Wilfrid and José.

To test the bikes on an uphill terrain, we followed the 55 km Utrechtse Heuvelrug route the next day. From Utrecht to the starting point of this route Will and José accompanied us. As a result, we cycled 90 km in total. Too many kilometers for one day. We were both completely exhausted.

On Monday we cycled from Utrecht to Alphen aan de Rijn. This time only 44.5 km. In Alphen aan de Rijn we could spend the night at our friends' place Jos and Lia.

Pinion is favorite Independently of each other, we wrote down which system we prefer. Fortunately we agreed. We both like the Pinion better.

Pinion cycles lighter. Pinion has more gears and a greater range, 18 gears instead of 14. The transition to a different gear is also smaller. So on the Pinion you are more likely to find yourself in a pleasant gear. On the Pinion gear transition went quietly, more smoothly and trouble free. On the Rohloff we experienced some crackling and a gear shift was skipped or the system went into a heavier gear while turning it into a lighter gear. Also the position of the Pinion in the middle of the bike at the bottom bracket felt very pleasant.

The options of an Idworx bicycle

On Tuesday we cycled from Alphen aan de Rijn to De Vakantiefietser in Amsterdam. After reviewing all other options and all measurements, we ordered the bikes.

We choose: - Idworx oPinion Ti BLT multi - Pinion P1.18 - DD mute hub - USB charger The Plug - Titanium saddle pen - Hope Big Disc Brakes

Now we have to wait until the bicycles are ready.



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