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Trans Canada Trail

The first province in Canada we enter is New Brunswick. From here all the way to Vancouver we will be on the Trans Canada Trail. Also known as the Great Trail (Le Grand Sentier).


When we enter the second province of Canada parts of Le Grand Sentier are La Route Verte. We cycle along the St Lawrence river. It is said this part of Canada has the 2nd best sunset in the world. Quebec is also knows for its good food. We’re enjoying the croissants a LOT!! As if we were in France.

Quebec City

In Lévis we take the ferry to the other side of the St Lawrence river. We enter Quebec City. A small city with a lot of charm. So many artisans, antiquités and boutiques in beautifully kept buildings.

We immediately spot the nicest place to be: Du Petit-Champlain. When we walk through the narrow street and enter a square at the other end we encounter a very steep hill. We debate whether or not to climb the Côte de la Montagne to make a city tour. Linda insists to do it.

All the pedestrians are flabbergasted when they see us going up the hill with our loaded bicycles. They are cheering and giving us thumbs up. A guy even shouts at Linda she’s inspiring and quickly takes a picture.

* A 113-metre-long suspension footbridge at 23 metres over the Chaudiere river, viewing the Chaudiere Falls in Lévis. This fall is 35-meter-high.

Celebration time

In Princeville, on June 21, we’re celebrating cycling around the world for exactly 2 years. Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend the route we’ve accomplished so far. Every day the journey continues and the adventure grows. Meeting so many beautiful souls and discovering so many places.

Céline invites us. We met on the road while she was cycling with her friends. Her husband Roger, who happens to be a hunter, prepares a very nice meal. We’re having moose on this special occasion. As dessert we are offered a Cornetto ice cream. Exactly the same ice cream we had with Angelo in Finland 1 year ago. In the morning Roger is making pancakes. This is the best way to start the first day of the 3rd year of our world bicycle tour.


We want to visit the manufacturer of our bike panniers Arkel. It’s on our route and we like to say “hi”. We meet Yves and Marc, the new owner. Ofcourse we talk about bicycles, gear and the unusual things we experienced during the last 2 years on our world bicycle tour. We suggest some improvements and talk about our wish list for top tube bags and a handle bar bag.

Quebec National Day

In Montréal we are welcome to stay at Warmshowers’ host Louis and Lysanne. They went on a bicycle tour from France to Singapore in 2012. It’s nice to share experiences. Together we celebrate Quebec’s National Day and our wedding anniversary day.

Quebeckers have lived alongside the First Peoples since they first settled in Québec. Their motto is “Je me souviens” (I remember). Remembering their roots, conquests and defeats.

In 1976, the Parti Québécois, was swept to power and made French the official language of Québec. During the referendums held in 1980 and 1995, Québec’s electorate voted against sovereignty-association with the rest of Canada. It was a narrow loss.

Rocky Mountains

We will soon be in Ottawa, Toronto and the Niagara Falls. We now know we have to cross the Rocky Mountains before October. Otherwise we will be stuck in snow or it will be too cold. This means we will need to take a train from Sudbury to Edmonton. Moreover, we don’t need to have an extension of our visa. We will be in the USA before our 6 months’ tourist visa expires.

*Holding a sign of the Rocky Mountains at a bicycle shop in Montreal. Soon we will hit this epic challenge.



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