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West coasts of Sweden and Denmark

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Just like in Norway we also see a lot of pennons in Sweden and Denmark.

They look pretty and give a certain kind of friendliness to a country.

West coast of Sweden

We go south along the west coast of Sweden from Strömstad to Helsingborg. In Tanumshede we have a look at the 3,000 years old rock paintings. We can go there by bike. That's nice! It's remarkable that these drawings have been preserved so well.


In Göteborg we get on the Kattegattleden. A cycle route of 390 km all the way down to Helsingborg. It was chosen by “The Cycling and Walking Fair” to be the cycle route of the year in 2018.

The first 200 km of the route aren’t spectacular, but near Mellbystrand we cycle through a big nature reserve. The most beautiful part of the Kattegattleden so far. The last 100 km of the Kattegattleden are very nice as well. We cycle almost all day along many beaches.

Morning dips

Near Varberg we see some people going for a swim. We call them “the brave ones”. The water temperature is 17 degrees Celsius and especially on cloudy days this morning routine is quite challenging. In Sønder Vorupør, we eventually join these “crazy” people for 1 morning. Although the water temperature dropped to 14 degrees by that time we were fortunate to have a morning with sun shine. We go in twice for about 1 to 2 minutes. Back at our homestay we take a warm shower. This feels good!


The route to Copenhagen is beautiful. We go along the sea and through the woods. The city itself is busy with a lot of cyclists. Many go very fast and pass by right next to us. It just fits on the narrow cycle lanes.

Ready for colder days

We are happy to pick up our package at RenCykel in Copenhagen. The owner helped us a lot by offering to use the postal address of the bicycle shop. Linda had some troubles with her down jacket. Since we’ve been in Poland she has been trying to get it covered under warrantee. We are always on the move, so we need to plan certain things very carefully. Especially when items are being send to us.

Island hopping

We are getting closer to the sea as we are crossing some islands. Wherever you go in Denmark, you are only 50 km away from the sea. The views are pretty. Near Rørvig we see the beautiful blue / turquoise sea on both sides.

West coast of Denmark

When we reach Hanstholm we have a look at the lighthouse. Next we cycle through the 1st Danish National Park Thy. This park is very beautiful. We enjoy nature and low traffic. Dunes all around us and sometimes we go through wetlands and woods. The combination is brilliant.

Bovbjerg lighthouse offers a good sea view. The rough dunes are really stunning. In the wetlands we see a lot of migrating birds. That's why this area is named the bird fjords. We took the 30 km long cycle route along the Ringkøbing Fjord. We recommend this route: no cars, only nature. In Nørre Vorupør we have a look at the little fishermen's village. A lot of boats are on the beach.


While cycling through Sweden and Denmark we are every day welcome to stay at locals for one night. Since we started knocking on doors again in Norway we have always been lucky to meet sweet people who are willing to help us.


It’s lovely to be invited to a family dinner. Having homemade vegetables from the garden and tasting traditional recipes. Often our hosts give us something for the road. We can’t count the number of jars of marmelade. At some moments we were overloaded with all these delicious treats.

“You can't always get what you want”

At our homestays we always get what you need. A place to wash our clothes, a place to stay for 2 nights when it is raining, an oven to make a gratin, good wifi on our social media day. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness!

Second thoughts

We know, when we knock on doors, people are surprised. For a second they don’t know what to say. But most of the times we are welcome at the first house where we ask if they have a spare room for just one night.

Some people say "No" or "Maybe" and some need more time. The people with second thoughts are mind-blowing to us. People getting back to us by car and offering us a room for the night. Isn’t that magic? This happened in Denmark. While we are knocking on different doors a car stops behind us. Linda recognizes the driver. We have knocked on his door before. He discussed our request with his wife and we are welcome to stay for 1 night.



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