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World Aid Project: Bulgaria - football tournament

On March 4, 2021 we were in Anton (Bulgaria) looking for a place to sleep. The B&B we had in mind was completely booked. Fortunately, Ivaylo, the neighbor, offered us to stay at his home. A family dinner and a warm shower were bonus. Lucky us!

On June 5, Ivaylo's wife and Stanimir's mother, sent us a message. They are having some financial problems. Ivaylo is a truck driver and Nikoleta owns a nail salon, but due to Covid she is having no more customers. The bills keep coming in though.

Stanimir loves football. He participates in every training and competition. The 5-day football tournament, which was held on June 30, is sponsored. However, the accommodation needs to be paid.

Stanimir is very excited about the tournament and wants to participate. However, the family cannot afford the costs (360 BGN). Isn't this a great opportunity to help?



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