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World aid project: Changemakers4all and bicycle club Gevgelija North Macedonia

In 2020 we cycled from the Netherlands to Greece. Via via we contacted Changemakers4all, a social neighborhood organization in North Macedonia. We had a really nice meeting with the entire team and have been in touch ever since.

Changemakers4all would like to involve everyone in Gevgelija in a positive way and create a social safety net. They are committed to creating a bicycle-friendly city and encourage people to cycle (more often). In April 2022 a few members founded a cycling club. The first one in Gevgelija. More than 100 people have already joined this club.

Changemakers4all and the cycling club recently celebrated its 5th and first anniversary with a party at a local disco. There was a lottery to which our foundation contributed. The grand prize was a bicycle!

In 2020 we wanted to support Changemakers4all with a few children's bicycles for a deprived neighbourhood. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was not a single decent bicycle in stock and we left without giving any help.

It’s great that we now had the best opportunity to leave something tangible behind, albeit remotely, in Gevgelija in North Macedonia. We wish Elena Buckova lots of fun and safe kilometers on her new bike.



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