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World aid project: Furry Tails of Oaxaca Mexico

Mexico has the highest number of street animals in Latin America. There are approximately 100,000 dogs and cats in the streets of the city of Oaxaca in addition to the population of the surrounding municipalities. Most dogs are skin to bone. Some come barking at us, but most are scared and absent.

Furry Tails of Oaxaca works with three local organizations to improve the well-being of cats and dogs by reducing the population of street animals.

Sterilization is the key to breaking this cycle.

Moreover they provide animals with access to health services and forever homes through fundraising, eduction and community outreach in Oaxaca.

All the organizations are well run and managed, respected in their communities, provide jobs to local vets, and educate the people about the importance of sterilization and proper care of animals.

At the moment they are working on three types of projects:

  • Free or lower cost sterilization campaigns;

  • Trapping and sterilizing more street dogs and cats;

  • Responding to immediate needs where some food, medicine and good dialogue results in healthier and sterilized animals.

Our foundation supported Furry Tails in Oaxaca on a recent “Rapid Response” project. Sterilizing a mix of 27 street dogs and dogs with care providers (which are often in the street as well).

The added bonus is that the people that benefitted from this project are helping Furry Trails of Oaxaca get the word out about a free campaign next month in the adjacent neighborhood. Outreach is often challenging and they will spread the word through the schools and talk about the positive experience they had.


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