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World aid project: Greece - Sekania Project WWF Greece

At the end of October we visited the Sekania Project:

one of the most important breeding turtle beaches in the world.

We helped this project directly through our foundation.

WWF Greece bought a piece of land, Sekania, in 1994. In this way Sekania became a protected area and nowadays it is prohibited for tourists and commercial activities. In collaboration with the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and other local NGO’s the turtles' natural habitat is protected.

Erosion causes sediments covering the sandy nesting areas, preventing baby turtles to leave their nest. A forest fire is very dangerous and causes even more erosion. WWF Greece cuts the vegetation and keeps the paths clean to prevent and control fires.

To be able to do this properly we purchased a combi motor, pole pruner and shaft brush cutter in Greece.

Volunteers have to work with heavy equipment for hours. The back carrier system enables them to work safely and accurately in the rough Sekania landscape.

We thank WWF Greece, the team of Sekania Project and all the volunteers for doing such a great job in maintaining this paradise for the turtles.

Stihl Combi system KM 131 R

A machine which can adjust multiple equipment for different kinds of vegetation, essential for multi-plantation of the Sekania area.

Stihl pole pruner chainsaw HT-KM

Cutting high branches of trees.

Stihl Straight shaft brush cutter with AutoCut C 26-2 mowing head FS-KM Maintaining the paths. Cutting fresh grass. It can be adjusted to the circular saw blade and the grass cutting blade.

Stihl circular saw blade for woody shrubs

Adjustable to FS-KM. Heavy duty blade for thick bushes.

Stihl grass cutting blade

Adjustable to FS-KM. For dry grass and mid-thick bushes.

Some spare parts in order to adjust the circular saw blade and grass cutting blade to the FS-KM system

Stihl Back pack Harness RTS

Credits: Joakim Odelberg - WWF Greece

Have you seen the video of our visit to the Sekania Project? It is on our Youtube channel: Do you want to help the Sekania Project even more? You can support them directly by adopting a turtle.


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