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World aid project: Poland - Orphanage in Warsaw

In May, in a Southern suburb just outside of Warsaw, we were invited by a true cycling fanatic. We were welcome to stay at his house for a few nights. We could sleep in the sports room with a Kickr and other sports equipment.

We meet Michal in bicycle cafe Gora Kawiarnia. It breaths hundreds of cycling vibes and you can tell a lot of cyclists come here every weekend. Together with his cycling buddy Mariusz we cycle to Michal’s house.

Michal tells us about his passions. He likes to cycle very much, he is committed to create more bicycle safety in Warsaw and he is a member of the Rotary. One of his big projects for next year is a cycling trip to Sicily. By doing so he tries to raise money for orphanage Domy Dzieci w Pęcherach in Warsaw.

This orphanage has recently moved to a suburb in Warsaw. Far from the city. Activities are difficult to organize. In order to provide some entertainment, the orphanage is looking for a van to transport the children. The money Michal raises is to buy a new van. Our foundation is not that big to contribute to such a big investment, but we have been able to do something different to help the orphanage.

Because of Covid, but also to guarantee the intimacy and privacy of the children, there is a need for a place to sit outside. A nice place under a shelter where the children and their families can sit at a table. Of course with nice pillows as well. Perhaps a heater can be bought for the winter so this place can be used all year round. Through our foundation we bought an outdoor table and chairs in Poland.

The orphanage offers foster care to children who can no longer live with their parents by order of the police or judge. There are several reasons why parents cannot take care of their children anymore. Sometimes the kids report themselves at the orphanage. They are placed here temporarily until the situation is resolved or a more permanent solution in one of the other three children's homes is looked into. There are currently about 45 children staying in the four houses.


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